Update from La Hermosa: Creating Community through Music

This month has been a busy one at La Hermosa Christian Church, with music filling every corner of our church and helping our congregants of all ages to connect with each other, explore their talents and of course, worship.

Our anchor music class for kids and their families, operated by Harlem and Morningside Heights-based music enrichment program Sol La Ti, kicked off its Spring session this week. Ten kids, their parents and grandparents explored a variety of instruments, from their voices and guitar to hand drums and whistles, and danced around the space to music catered to them.  Meanwhile, the iconic Grace Choir was hard at work in our multipurpose room, bringing together thirty New Yorkers from all across the city to rehearse for the Grace Church Easter service.  La Hermosa has long been an anchor for diverse communities of worship in our neighborhood and across the City, providing space for worship and practice. Creating community through music is a core component of La Hermosa’s mission and vision.  This week, we were so glad that we could help foster the love of music and community for New Yorkers of all ages.

With a revitalized La Hermosa Christian Church, we will be able to embrace our community‘s love of music even more fully, building an endowment for music and arts education that will give Harlem the gift of elevating, transporting music for the long-term.

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